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That's right!

Instead of stacking your in money in the bank, you can now try real estate investing and earn up to 15X more than regular bank interests!

The right place at the right time,

In business, being at the right place is good. Being at the right place at the right time is the fusion of two major factors required to achieve success. Time, or should we say timing will always be your best friend in any kind of business venture.

Today, Fitamant Investments offers you this opportunity through real estate investing. Enjoy this momentum of Asia's rising tiger and its booming economy.

Starter Investment Details

- Minimum investment - PHP 50,000 / year. ($1,000)

- Maximum investment - PHP 500,000 / year. ($10,000)

- Payment terms - Spot cash payment

- Holding period of the investment - 24 to 36 months.

- 15% ROI targeted / year. (inclusive of taxes and banking fees)

- Quarterly follow up with investor and the management team.

Other Details

If you are interested in investing more than PHP50,000 ($1,000) regarding our Starter Plan, please proceed to the first and lowest fee of PHP50,000. We will then upgrade on your contract the desired amount and provide you a second invoice.

Thank you.