Why you should work with us?

The Philippines' economy is booming!

Condominiums are being built every corner of the streets, foreign investors from all Asian countries are coming over, yet i am pretty sure that you aren't a part of it or profiting much from it as a sales agents.

The fact that you might be a good seller and that you are able to close units monthly doesn't make your income grow drastically neither because of the slow commission release offered by your developper. 

For the major party of developers, if your client opted for the lowest payment terms (which usually they do) you won't get a portion of your commission before the next 2 years..! Which we all know that most agents on the market are offering their commission to their buyer so that they can only extend their monthly allowance..

And what is your commission anyway being sales agent, 1%, 2.75%? 

We solved this for you.

This big matter really annoyed us, and we wanted to help as much as we can to resolve this problem. Not only we made a way for you to increase your income and lifestyle by 10X, but we also created a service for you to introduce your future and potential prospect buyers that they will not be able to turn down!

Here is why you should work with us

First, your clients deserve the best opportunity

You will be offering highly discounted condominium units to your buyers which will make them save up to 30% from original TCP even for the lowest payment terms! And each unit bought from your buyer will give him 1/50 chances to get his unit for free, paid by us in cash!

Your buyer will still be able to choose his desired unit(s) from the developer's inventory during our events as we are in partnership with them. Their only fee (already include in our final TCP) to access the discount is 300K php per unit.

Meaning that even if your prospect prefer to pay cash for his unit straight to the developer and not choosing the big discount you are offering, he will have probably between 6% to 10% discount only. Boring right?

Second, YOU deserve the best as well!

We that being a sales person is hard. very hard. Running around, trying to get clients, rushing and commuting to the next appointments with all the stress of the traffic hoping to get this next sale. 

Well even though you will close this sale from client that was interested to invest in this pre-selling condo unit, what will happen to you next month, or in the next 6 months? As written above, you won't get any commission but just your monthly allowance extended.. And as far as i am concerned, "Recognition Certificate"  for being a good seller or whatsoever isn't eatable, neither will pay your rent or bring your kids to a better school. But cash does!

So that is why we are offering all sales person from any industry who just wanna refer friends/colleagues and their buyers to us : 

  • 3% commission cash (even on pre-selling projects)
  • 1 unit sold = 1 trip all inclusive to Boracay or Palawan
  • 1 unit sold = 1/50 chance to win a brand new car
  • 1 unit sold = 1/50 chance to win a brand new condominium
  • 1 unit sold = 1/50 chance to win a 1,000,000 php Cash Prize

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