Buyers' survey

We are big believer of networking's power!

Unfortunately with the developers nowadays if you are just by yourself buying a unit, you won't get much of a discount. Maybe you can avail 1% to 3% if there is some special discount. Also what are you chances to get better payment terms? 

The answer is none. 

Now, with us, imagine gathering 25 to 100 buyers to purchase units through a targeted developer. Worth over PHP100M to PHP600M. I'm sure you now understand where this introduction is leading at.

Using our network as a leverage will definitely allow us to request for discounts and better payment terms, allowing us to provide from over 15% and up to 30% discount on your future unit. And these discounts aren't even for cash payment terms!

Yet, we still have amazing news for our dear buyers. For every 25 units sold, Fitamant Investments will pick a Grand Winner to actually get his unit for free!

We are looking very much forward to have your opinion regarding our new project of group purchases!