Who is Nathan Fitamant

Words from Nathan Fitamant

I am sure that most of people would like to be at the right time, at the right place when it comes to their professional careers or to seize an amazing opportunity. My principal question on opening our firm was : “ What if the right time were to happen in a place where people could physically not be? Or most simply could not be aware of ’’. The foundation of our company is based on awareness. Investors and people desiring to invest has to know that the Philippines is a perfect fit for small investors as much as big firms investing millions of Euros annually into Filipino’s infrastructures.

Where did it Start?

Originally from France, Nathan moved to China the month of his 20th birthday and started a modeling career, first in Beijing and Shanghai, then moved for the longest time in Bangkok, Thailand. 

After starting up and operating few businesses from Thailand, Nathan quickly saw south east Asia's expansion, growth and their infrastructures developement, specially in the real estate industry. Even if there’s no secret about this fact, it made him more confident than ever that Asia and south east Asia's countries will be offering more and more business opportunities. To him, Asia will become the next place to be.

It all started with an idea

It was way back in 2016 while driving his bike in Bangkok that he had the idea to create another kind of investment product, affordable to general public yet providing higher interest rates.

From that, Fitamant Investments was born.

A company that cares about the financial growth of its entrepreneurs and investors who are starting into the real estate industry. Giving choices to those who have less yet offering them bigger return percentage each year.

With his wife and 3 kids, they decided to move from Thailand and settle  in the Philippines where he could fully operate all the business task required to achieve successful investment trades with developers and investors.

Good, what's next?

Nathan Fitamant realize that they were other ways to provide value to people, not only to his European investors, but also to the Filipino desiring to purchase condominium units in Metro Manila. 

Metro Manila's real estate market is so dynamic that within a year, the price per sqm may increase by 20% to 30% (pre-selling projects). And unfortunately anywhere around the world, buyers who are looking for a home or apartment condo to live in, want to buy when it is already turned over to be able to move in as soon as possible. In the Philippines, thousands and thousands of people are reaching out to their career goals and are making great in the middle class. Yet it might still be beyond the bounds of possibility for them to rent their place and invest in the same time in a pre-selling condominium. 

Understanding this issue, Nathan has spent couple of months of research on how to avoid higher prices for Filipinos desiring to purchase their very own unit. 

Nathan is a big believer of networking's power and what can people do, with their will and interests. Fitamant Investments is creating a buyers’ pool or you can call it condominium group purchase. Gathering under the company, 50, 100 or 200 buyers looking for particular project to create huge leverage, therefore  availing buyers the best prices and payment terms on each and every single units.


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